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Finish and Curing Parameters

Technical Article | January 2012

In general, finishes perform best at temperatures of 65 - 80 degrees (F) 19- 28(C) and Relative Humidity at 40% to 60%.

Finishes generally do not perform well when...

  1. Temperatures are over 90 degrees (F) 32(C)
  2. Temperatures are under 50 degrees (F) 10(C)
  3. Relative Humidity is over 90% RH
  4. Relative Humidity is under 30% RH


Products You Can Rely On

Floor Finish Adhesion Failure is a Profit Taker
Technical Article | July 2000

You, the retailer/contractor, have just installed and finished (or recoated) a beautiful hardwood floor. The owner is pleased, which means that the final installation transaction - your final payment is about to take place. It's "Money Time."


White Line Woes

What is really causing WLS?
Technical Article 

The wood flooring business doesn't have much in the way of conspiracy theories, but one finish problem is approaching that status. Rumors and buzz about it - and its causes - spread rapidly by word of mouth and even faster in the blogosphere. It's discussed so much, with so much wrath, that it has even earned a name that sounds like a disease: white line syndrome, or WLS for short.